Frequently Asked Questions

Question What is Eubiq track system?
AnswerThe system consists of the power track and the tap-off units such as plug and adaptor. The system allows electrical power to be tapped off anywhere along the track through the use of specially designed tap-off units. The tracks are available in 2 versions; the surface mount and recess mount type. A wide range of Eubiq adaptors are also available for all major plug types of the world.
Question What is the rating of the track and adaptors?
AnswerPlease refer to individual product specification sheet.
Question How many tap-off units are allowed on the track at any one time to tap power from the track?
AnswerThe number of tap-off units is dependent on the total load current consumed at that point of time rather than the absolute number of tap-off units connected. Maximum load current available on the system is subjected to the rating of the MCB at the Distribution Board supplying to the final sub-circuit. In practice, the track can accommodate up to 12x adaptors or 18x plugs per meter run.
Question What is the maximum length of the track available?
AnswerThe maximum length of individual track is 3.6m. It can be linked up to any required length to cover the wall perimeter. Wires will be looped accordingly to provide the continuity of the power supply. More than one incoming circuit may be supplied to the track at different interval (electrically isolated between tracks) if the demand of the total load is higher than the rating of a single MCB rating at the DB.
Question Does the product conform to any test specification or safety standards?
AnswerYes, the Power track is designed to comply with the IEC 61534-1 whereas the plug and adaptor comply with BS5733/SS241 and the relevant clauses of BS1363/ SS145 standards. The construction of the track and the engagement of its tap-off unit are such that the connection to the Protective conductor (PE) is made before and is broken after, those to live parts.
Various countries testing certifications are available upon request.
Question How long can the products last?
AnswerOur products are type tested to last beyond 15,000 operating cycles under normal usage condition.
Question Where is the product from?
AnswerAll innovation and designs are in Singapore.
Question Is the product water proof or water resistant?
AnswerThe product is tested and approved to be IP54 water resistant.
Question If the Power Track system is installed in the kitchen, will the heat generated from the stove/oven cause any damage/deform to the Power Track? Is the track heat resistant? What is the recommended mounting distance to prevent this from happening?
AnswerAll plastic materials used in the track are heat resistant. However, it is not advisable to install the track on the wall directly above the stove/oven to prevent accumulation of dirt on the track cover surface due to prolong exposure to the smoke/ fume caused by cooking. It is recommended to install the track at least 200mm away from the stove/oven.
Question Can the adaptors slide along the track?
AnswerNo. The adaptors are not designed to slide along the track. The correct operation is to plug-in the accessory at any point along the track and engage by means of turning the accessory clockwise. Conversely, turn the accessory counter-clockwise to disengage and unplug if necessary.
Question What other products are there besides those listed on the website?
AnswerPlease download Eubiq 2019 Catalog for the full range of products offered
Question Warranty
AnswerTo summarize our warranty policy:

  • Power tracks bought from our website has a limited warranty of 3 years from the date of purchase.
  • Adaptors and accessories bought from our website has a limited warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase.
  • Limited warranty covers functionality portions of the track and adaptors. Aesthetic defects and damage due to misuse are not covered.
  • Customers whom purchased through our partners and distribution channels will have to go through them for warranty claims.
  • Contact our customer service via our Contract Form with image/video attachments purchase details, receipts/invoices.

We delivery to any country that our courier partners have access to. However, we do not deliver to countries/areas where we have local partners/distributors there. Do work with our partners/distributors in your country to enrich your experience with Eubiq products.

Read our full warranty statement here

Question How do I take care of my Eubiq Track and adaptors?

  • We recommend to clean the track and adaptors with a damp water-only soft cloth.
  • DO NOT wash the products.
  • DO NOT use rough clothes or wipes to wipe the tracks’ surface as it may cause scratches. For tougher stains, we recommend using IPA.
  • DO NOT drag the adaptors along the track.
  • We recommend changing the adaptors position along the track to prevent the rubber flap from changing shape.
  • DO NOT overload the track. Do follow the maximum electrical load a power track and adaptor can handle.

Question Will you be able to install the power tracks for me?
AnswerWe would love to. But since it is easily installed by anyone, we have provided instruction manuals and videos.

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Question How can I pay?
AnswerYou can pay for your order securely with the PayPal method, which accepts both debit and credit cards. In addition, we do have bank transfer available and you can select your preferred option upon carting out. Do note that for bank transfers, orders will only be confirmed once we receive payment to our account. You should receive an email confirmation once we have received the funds.
Question I have just placed an order. Can I change the color or model?
AnswerOnce an order been sent out for delivery, we do not allow exchanges. We work to have all orders dispatched to you soonest possible and so at times, the order may already be on its way to you. Therefore, we always recommend for you to check on your order at checkout.
Question My order has been shipped. Can I change or cancel my order?
AnswerUnfortunately, we will not be able to cancel your order once your order has been dispatched for delivery.
Question Do you deliver worldwide?
AnswerWe delivery to any country that our courier partners have access to. However, we do not deliver to countries/areas where we have local partners/distributors there. Do work with our partners/distributors in your country to enrich your experience with Eubiq products.
Question How much will be shipping cost?
AnswerPlease select your preferred method and courier upon checking out. Shipping cost are real-time with our courier. Shipping cost may exclude customs duties and taxes for bringing the product into your country.
Question Can I track my order?
AnswerYou will be receiving a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number.
Question If any part of the track/adaptor is faulty, is it replaceable? Where to send the product for repair?
AnswerCertain removable parts such as top covers, flaps and fuse are replaceable but chargeable. Otherwise, it’s more economical to replace the whole accessory when it is faulty.

You may contact your local distributor or Singapore HQ office.

Question Returns/Exchanges
AnswerCurrently we do not allow returns and exchanges due to change in preference. Manufacturing defects exchanges are listed in our warranty statement.

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Question Is your organization looking for more distribution channels and partnerships?
AnswerYes. We always welcome partners all over the world. Do contact us for a discussion. We look forward to hearing from you.
Question My Company is looking to specify your products in a project. Do we have a special price?
AnswerThank you for specifying our products in your Company’s project. Do contact us for a discussion. We look forward to hearing from you.