Frequently Asked Questions

Question How many different types of IR devices can a 360 ZB/IR convertor be used to control?
Answer3 types of IR devices, TV, Air-con and HIFI can be connected, and the 360 ZB/IR convertor supports up to 8 connected devices.
Question Can I integrate and remotely control my aircon to the Wiser smart home system?
AnswerYes, remote controlled aircon can be integrated into our Wiser Smart Home system via the ZB/IR convertor
Question Can our thermostat TC300 and 500 series be integrated into our Wiser system?
AnswerYes, the TC300 and 500 series are compatible for Wiser system integration
Question What is the protocol used by the Wiser smart home system?
AnswerZigbee 3.0
Question What is the operating frequency of the Wiser system?
Question Can an existing conventional momentary switch be integrated into our Wiser system?
AnswerYes, with the Wiser micro module switch or dimmer
Question What is the detection radius or diameter when the Wiser motion sensor is being mounted on the ceiling?
Answer4m diameter, 360 degree detection when ceiling mounted at 2.5m.
Question Can the 360 ZB/IR Convertor be battery operated?
AnswerYes, with 4x AA batteries
Question Can the Wiser hub be battery operated?
AnswerNo, the Wiser hub is powered by 5V DC micro USB
Question Can the Wiser system use voice control?
AnswerYes, it is compatible with Google Home and Apple Siri
Question What are the colors available for the LED signaling backlight of the Wiser AvatarOn switches and dimmers?
AnswerWhite and blue
Question Is the brightness of the LED signaling backlight for Wiser AvatarOn switches and dimmers adjustable?
AnswerYes, the brightness can be configured to the desired level
Question Can my existing switches be used for Wiser system?
AnswerYes, need to install switch micro-module
Question Is the Wiser system compatible with all electrical devices regardless of brands and models?
AnswerNo, there is a list of compatible electrical devices that Wiser supports
Question Is there any security of data when Wiser system is set on mobile App?
AnswerThe Wiser App and the Wiser Smart Home are protected by Schneider Electric Cybersecurity
Question What happens when there is no internet?
AnswerWiser system will be down as it requires active internet connection. If such happens, you can still turn on the lighting manually from your switch or dimmer
Question What happens if the smart switch is faulty?
AnswerIf the smart function is down, it can still act as a conventional switch
Question Can I replace a faulty Wiser sensor with other brands?
AnswerNo, only Wiser smart home sensors due to cybersecurity conformity
Question What is the difference between 1 gang, 2 gang and 3 gang?
AnswerA 1 gang switch/dimmer control a single light/circuit, a 2 gang switch/dimmer control two separate lights/circuits etc.
Question Warranty
AnswerWe warrants these devices to be free from defect in material and workmanship, under normal care and proper usage in a residential installation, for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase.

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