Surface Power Track– SH1


  • Compatible with most off-the shelves hooks and rails on the track to optimize space
  • Able to use in both residential and commercial spaces
  • Able to run cables at the top and bottom of the track
  • Adaptors and accessories can be freely inserted and removed anywhere along the track body
  • Supports all types of electronics and appliances
  • Wide range of sockets, adaptors and accessories available
  • Extremely easy installation with modular design

Contact us if you require 1000mm and above or any in-built connectors (E.g. USB, VGA, HDMI, DATA, etc.)

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Are you frustrated with the lack of power points, expensive electrician fees and complicated installation? Eubiq power tracks are designed to be installation and user friendly so that anyone can enjoy our artistic power outlets with options of different adaptors and accessories at a great value.

The SH1 series, caters specially for consumers that demands a new exciting fixture to their home and office without the hassle of cutting out holes. This track does not require messy installation but only a simple installation of attaching the power track to the backdrop with screws. Furthermore, this track has an unbeatable design! It comes with a built-in groove that allows off-the-shelves hooks and rails to be installed! We have also specially arranged the incoming cable termination to be on both sides, giving you the flexibility to install the power track without being restricted.

All our tracks are hand assembled and machine perfected. Here at Eubiq, our state-of-the-art patented technology allows us to boast a track record of more than a decade of reliability, safety and global recognition. All our products are designed and developed in Singapore and make use of only high-grade aluminum, copper, stainless steel and specially formulated polycarbonate to ensure highest durability.

The elegance, sophistication and functionality of our tracks are proven to be a conversational starter with your guests and clients!


  • Voltage: 250 Volts
  • Rated current: 32 A
  • Protection Rating: IP40
  • Certification: IEC/EN 61534
  • Power supply: Left and right end terminal
  • Dimensions: (W) 100mm x (D) 28.5mm
  • Fixing: Installation (Mounted)
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Length:
    600 mm = Accommodate up to 6 sockets
    800 mm = Accommodate up to 8 sockets
    1000 mm = Accommodate up to 10 sockets
  • Product Weight:
    600 mm = Est. 1.4Kg
    800 mm = Est. 1.8Kg
    1000 mm = Est. 2.3Kg

What is included?

  • Selected length and colour power track
  • 1x User Guide

What is not included?

  • In-built Data, VGA, HDMI, etc. accessories are not included. (If required, please order from us by filling the in Contact form or email us at
  • Customized lengths are not allowed. (If required, please order from us by filling the in Contact form or email us at
  • Physical installation is not included

Opening up SH1


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Installation Guide

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