“Creating and maintaining value for you and your clients with our iconic, functional and timeless designs”

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For almost 2 decades since Eubiq first started, we have proven to be a supplier of choice for power tracks and electrical distribution products. Our customers range from mega Fortune 500 Companies in the residential, commercial and tourism industry to neighborhood stores and offices.

“We believe in value creation and exceptional customer experience”

The team in Eubiq headquarter focuses on YOU.

  • Free consultation on the implementation of our products
  • Prompt and continuous after-sales support
  • Comprehensive sales, product and installation annual training
  • Stable and efficient supply chain (Almost 2 decades of track record)
  • Seamless process from Consultation > Delivery

We work together with you.

Whether you are looking to introduce our products to your client or considering to market Eubiq across the globe, we ensure you receive all the support from the team in Eubiq Headquarters.

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